I’ll be uploading new photos today.

Another delay as work and Sasha being sick has caused me a delay in reviewing and editing photos.


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June’s Day Care Reports

Attached are the daily reports for June.

Summer camp started mid June.


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May daycare reports

here are the daily reports for what Sasha did in school during the month of May.

Sasha Reports_May

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March Daycare Reports

Here are Sasha’s daily reports for the days she was in school.


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9 month visit

27 3/8″
8.095 oz / 17.8 lbs

Sasha peed while on the scale so she might weigh less.

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December Daycare Staus Reports

Here are Sasha’s daily reports from daycare in the month of December.

The lack of reports is due tot he number of days Sasha was at home sick.

December_Status Reports

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BREAKING NEWS! We have a Crawler

Video proof to follow!

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