Eight Month Photo

Sasha's Eight Month Photo

Here is Sasha’s Eight Month Photo.

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November’s Daycare Report.

Of course Sasha is a genius and is excelling in her daycare class.

Here are November’s daily reports.



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Sasha is 5 months old

Time sure flies by. Little Alexandra is now 5 months old.

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Last night Alexandra slept for the first time in her pajamas without being swaddled. She slept as normal without waking up and very little fussing before falling asleep.

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Today is Alexandra’s Baptism

We are getting ready for Sasha’s big day and party.

Soo much to do and get together. No photo this morning, but should have plenty to fill the site for a week or two after today.



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Weight check

Sasha weighs 11.5 lbs now.

Posted on Jul 01, 2011 in General

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