Pool Party

Sasha enjoying a splash.


Without a swim diaper, we had to use a regular diaper. Notice how big the diaper expanded.

Posted on Aug 13, 2012 in Photo

Slap the table

Sasha is slapping her cereal and all aroundĀ making a mess.


Posted on Aug 12, 2012 in Video

A new playground

Mommy and Sasha on a new playground near the house. (New to Sasha)

Posted on Aug 11, 2012 in Photo
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Sasha Turn

Sasha running around in Daddy’s hat

Posted on Aug 10, 2012 in Photo

Sasha’s First Attempt at Corn on the Cob

Sasha instantly knew what to do with corn on the cob.


Posted on Aug 09, 2012 in Video

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