Dec 14th Sasha crawled on camera at home.


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Road to Crawling pt 3

I swear there is forward momentum in this video. It still is mostly a lunge and a roll type of movement but Sasha is moving her knees, ready to crawl.

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Road to Crawling Part 2

Sasha’s road to crawling has progressed. Sasha has figured out how to sit up on her own.

(video taken on 12/9/2011, James was here for a visit. )

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BREAKING NEWS! We have a Crawler

Video proof to follow!

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At Home Play Mat

Sasha was quarenteened home as she was suffering from fevers related to an ear infection. She spent the day with Daddy.

Here she is on her play mat. We raised the table toy to see if she would pull herself up.

(video taken on Dec 9th, 30 minutes of playtime)

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November’s Daycare Report.

Of course Sasha is a genius and is excelling in her daycare class.

Here are November’s daily reports.



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Baby Lead Weening Works

Sasha is a great eater. She is quickly moving to more solids and decreasing her bottle amounts. Here she has Avacado, Squash, Yams, baked Ziti and Broccoli.


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