Sitting up and Playing

Sasha (here at 6 months +) is excellent at sitting up on her own for extended periods of time and playing with items in front of her.



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Daycare Halloween Parade

Sasha’s daycare had a halloween parade for the kids. Here is Sash in her mouse costume.


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New Pictures Coming

Sorry I have slacked a bit. Stacey was in Germany and I had a hurt back so photos were not taken or uploaded.

Anyways, we are back on track with some good photos and videos coming up.

– Jay

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Visit to Central New York

Near the end of October, we went to central New York to stay with friends at their B&B. This was the first time we traveled any extended distance with Sasha and she did well in the car.

We all were suffering from a major head cold that Sasha shared from Daycare. Saturday was overcast, and we didn’t get to do all the fun fall stuff with Sasha that we wanted. Next year we will have to visit again.

Sasha had her first halloween party this weekend and went in her mouse costume.

On the farm, Sasha was not liking the roosters who scared her. The cows were interesting but too far away.




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Family Photos

Family portrait



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Time to go to the store

About to hit the town

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