Find my New Bear

I have a new bear, can you find it?


Posted on Nov 23, 2011 in Photo

Oh no

Oh dear. Little Sasha has pink eye. Today is spending the day at home cause she is contagious. I argue that she got it from day care so we should share it back with day care.

My eye itches. Oh no!

Posted on Nov 22, 2011 in News

Ready to travel with Mommy

Stacey had some business travel to Germany. Here Sasha is trying to stowaway in mommies carry on.


Posted on Nov 22, 2011 in Photo


Giving rasberries


Posted on Nov 21, 2011 in Photo

I’m Flying

On my belly arms back and flying.



Posted on Nov 20, 2011 in Photo

Start the Dool photos

Someone has become more and more excessively drool”y”


Posted on Nov 19, 2011 in Photo

Up, Down, Giggle


This was taken on October 26th.

Daddy and Sasha were playing on the floor a game of mimic.  Both would lay on their stomachs and lift up, hold, then fall down to repeat again. Daddy and Sasha did this for 10 minutes before this recording with great amounts of laughter (Sasha was getting a bit tired).

Posted on Nov 18, 2011 in Video

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