Today is Alexandra’s Baptism

We are getting ready for Sasha’s big day and party.

Soo much to do and get together. No photo this morning, but should have plenty to fill the site for a week or two after today.



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Tummy time is exhausting

A quick nap after some tummy time.

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Grasping video

Sasha enjoying the play mat working on grabbing and grasping items.

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Grabbing and grasping on the play mat

On the play mat working on grasping.

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Look at all the animals I’m going to eat

Endangered or not, Sasha’s  goal is to eat all these animals. Go Meat!

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Close to chest, ready for a walk.

Daddy and Sasha getting ready for a walk.

Hat on for sun protection.

Sasha fell asleep about a 1/4 mile in.

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# #

Wish this was hooked to an air horn

Sasha pulling on her toy from the play mat.

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