Sleepy time

Someone is awake.


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Bath Time


When you have a large blow out, you get the bath.

Alexandra has always been good in the bath water. Might have ourselves a natural swimmer.

Posted on Jun 07, 2011 in Video

Small milestones

A small milestone has been reached. Alexandra has moved from the tiny newborn diapers to size 1. They are huge on her, but hold more. Maybe we can use that to our advantage.

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Alexandra Causes a “Code Brown”

This is not a drill people. This is now.

Watch for the subtle expression change before the event. I’m just sorry we missed the previous explosion before I could get the camera.

Posted on Jun 06, 2011 in Video

Floor time

No more cameras!

I'm getting mauled by a bear!


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More Videos

Working on head control.


Capturing a smile on video.

Posted on Jun 05, 2011 in Video

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