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Same pouty face while sleeping

Alexandra and Jay share the same pout on their faces while sleeping.

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King of the house?

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I once was king of the house in a very special category. Flatulence.
Now days I might be able to hold on to the title of loudest, but have loss frequency to Alexandra. The dogs took the clear the room trophy, and Stacey doesn’t compete. ;)

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Working on site improvements

I’ve noticed the site is loading slow, so I’ll be making some improvements to the way photos are loaded in and the eventual final size of the photos.

Right now photos are loaded in at full size, as they came out of the camera. These images are larger than that are needed for the web. Currently images are sized down by the web browser which takes up download bandwidth and browser resources.

The new changes will size images to an appropriate size for the web at time of posting to lesson the load times.


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Maggie gets her summer shave.

It’s that time of year where Maggie gets a ridiculous hair cut. This keeps down the amount of burs, weeds, and bugs that will attach to her coat while out running. It also helps keep her cooler. I think she demands wearing a bandana while here hair is this short, just so she feels like she is wearing something for modesty.

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